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Year of Jewelry

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Actually, this is going to be more of a "Year of Chain", than a Year of Jewelry for me.

My goal is to learn as many new loop-in-loop and chain maille jewelry weaves/variations/techniques as possible in the coming 12 month period.

I had attempted a project similar to this in 2004, and am now at a point where I am comfortable with the weaves I have already learned, and am ready to add some new things to my portfolio.

Week 1

This is two strands of elf weave hooked together to form elf sheet. The weave is by Johnny Nilsson and I found the directions on the M.A.I.L. site.

The chain is out of sterling silver and 14/20 gold-filled 18 ga 4.5 mm ID jumprings that I coiled and cut myself.

Week 2

This is a sterling silver and anodized niobium bracelet that I made as a prize for one of the girls in my Sunday School class for memorizing The Beattitudes.

The chain is made out of 18 ga 3.5 mm ID sterling silver and niobium jumprings. I hand coiled and cut all of the jumprings.

As part of her prize, Britney helped me anodize the rings to the specific color that she wanted.

Week 3

Playing with twisted jump rings and liver of sulphur this week. I started out by making the shiny silver bracelet, then since I had extra jump rings, decided to make a second one, but dipped it in liver of sulphur. Finally, I remembered the bracelet in Sharilyn Miller's Bead on a Wire book, and I flattened the jump rings and treated them with LOS and added the beads.

I think the beads need to be slightly bigger to balance out the size of the jump rings.

Week 4

Still playing with the twisted jump rings. This is a sample bracelet for a student of mine that wanted a bracelet to match a lovely choker that she bought in Santa Fe.

In case you can't tell in the picture, the 2nd and 4th columns are 20 ga twisted jump rings and the 1st, 3rd and 5th columns are 16 ga jump rings. Both sets have an inner diameter of 5.0 mm.

Week 5

This week's chain was inspired by a class offering I saw at The Shepherdess. It is three diamondback (or cross link) chains that are connected to form a wide bracelet. Then ends are a little funky, and I haven't decided on a clasp yet.

Unfortunately, the class picture was removed from the web site, so I do not know who to give credit to for inspiring me. Also, I had to make the piece just from memory, so I'm not sure if it is actually the same as the piece that was being taught...but I like it, so it doesn't really matter.

Week 6

This week's weave, Double Vision, is a variation of "Rhinos Sniffing Drano" on the MAIL web site. I think Double Vision is a much better name than the original weave.

It's a European 4-in-1 variation made out of 18 ga 4.0 mm ID jump rings.

Week 7

Hoodoo is a weave by Blaise from the MAIL site. It is an almost square chain and is a very tight weave.

The hardest part was getting the chain started. After assembling the first unit, the rest went very quickly.

I used 16 ga 4.0 mm ID jump rings out of sterling and gold-filled (although you can't really see the difference in color from the picture). Using the two colors, the weave reminds me of a patch work quilt.

Week 8

Less than 50 days until Christmas!

These are from the Celtic Vision Star pattern that someone so generously shared last year on the Creative Wire Jewelry forum.

They use 4 different sizes of jump rings and take about 10 minutes to complete (with a little practice).

I love them and am thinking decorating a small tree with just them.

Week 9

A departure from chain maille this week...

This is an egyptian coil bracelet made out of 30 - 5" lengths of 18 ga sterling silver wire.

I still need to oxidize it, and figure out what kind of clasp would match well.

Week 10

This is my 2005 Byzantine Christmas ornament cover.

It is based on the Tripoli weave, a byzantine variation by the amazing Scott Plumlee of www.DavidChain.com.

The ornament cover began as a nice idea, but got a little out of control and grew into a 6 troy ounce sterling behemoth.

Ring sizes used include 18 ga 3.5 mm, 18 ga 6.0 mm and 18 ga 8.0 mm.

Week 11

For this week's chain, I returned again to Niobium. I colored the rings in small batches in the magenta/rose gold/citrine range, mixed them up and wove a byzantine bracelet.

I like the colors together, but the picture doesn't really do it justice.

Week 12

My project for week 12 was a box chain with 4 mm bicone crystals strung on soft flex running down the middle of the chain.

I used 18 ga 6.0 mm ID rings, and it turned out a little tighter weave than I would have liked, but it looks very impressive just sitting on the table or hanging out on my wrist.

Week 13

The beads in this bangle and necklace are Mirage beads from Tika (www.TikaImports.com).

They are color changing beads (like mood rings) that change from black to brown to yellow to green to blue to purple as the temperature changes...and the holes in them are bog enough to accomodate 12 ga wire. What more could a girl ask for?

My only "complaint" is that they are a base metal instead of sterling, so I'm not sure exactly how they will wear yet.

Week 14

A new weave this week...this one is GSG (Great Southern Gathering) and is sort of two Half Persian 4-in-1 chains joined together...but not really.

The hardest part is the first 6-8 rings, after that it works up fairly quickly.

I used 20 ga 5.0 mm ID rings.

Week 15

This week I tried a Byzantine chain variation that I found on the M.A.I.L. site called Beez to Butterflies.

It is very similar to Olivia, except that you need to use larger rings...I used 18 ga 4.5 mm ID jump rings...and where you place the connecting rings.

Week 16

Japanese Bullseye is a weave by Rebeca Mojica of Blue Buddha Boutique.

The original specs that she listed at the M.A.I.L. site were imperial instead of metrics, and it took about twice as long for me to find comparable rings to make the weave work than it did to actually make the entire bracelet.

Week 17

I realized this week that I had made the Celtic Visions Star, but had never actually made the Celtic Visions weave into a bracelet, so that's what I did this week.

Most of the information I could find on the M.A.I.L. site was in 14 and 16 gauge, so I decided to use 16 ga 7.0 mm for the large rings, 16 ga 3.5 for the connecting (middle) smaller jump rings, and 16 ga 4.0 mm for the smaller outside rings.

It is a very substantial bracelet, weighing in at nearly 1.3 troy ounces. I think it would make a good "guy" chain.

Week 18

This week I attempted European Roundmaille...twice!

I started out using the 18 ga 3.5 mm ID rings suggested in the Great Wire Jewelry book, but found that it was too tight to lay nicely around my wrist, so I started over and made it out of 18 ga 4.0 mm ID rings which worked out much better.

Week 19

This is Jacob's Ladder...also known as the Magician's Chain. The weave is very unstable and appears to be two completely different weaves, depending on which way you twist the chain.

This particular chain is made out of 16 ga 5.5 mm ID jump rings. The directions came from the M.A.I.L. web site.

Week 20

I've seen this chain with varying names...Millipede, Crenellated, Flat, etc.

It is the base chain for the Calypso and Cleopatra chains.

The chain pictured is constructed out of 14 ga 9.0 mm ID and 16 ga 3.5 mm ID jump rings.

Week 21

No chain this week, but it is related to my chain “goals”.

This is a sterling silver riveted pendant that I made in a class this week. I wanted to learn how to make cold (non-soldered) joins so I could do more work with titanium and niobium…which cannot be soldered.

The picture in the pendant is part of the Poppies series by Georgia O’Keefe.

Week 22

Yes, I know the single spiral chain is probably one of the most simple chains out there...I already knew how to make the double spiral and Jen Pind's, so didn't have any real desire to make a chain that doesn't hold it's twist unless you join the ends together...

But it's done and I am happy with getting through all the chain maille weaves in the book. (Now I guess I need to start on the Viking Knit.)

Week 23

For week 23 I chose a weave from the MAIL board called Darogon's Tail. I believe it was created by Tesserex (or at least he is the only name I can find associated with it at the moment.)

It appears to be the same pattern that Anne Mitchell is teaching at the Bead and Button Show as "The Snake Chain It's Not".

It went together pretty quickly. I used 16 ga 7.0 mm ID and 16 ga 4.5 mm ID jump rings.

Week 24

This week's pattern was the Gridlock Byzantine. This was the fifth size jump rings that I tried (Thank you Karen!)...16 ga 5.0 mm ID.

It is a very heavy bracelet...more than 1.5 troy ounces.

Week 25

Week 25 is another 4-in-1 variation, similar to the Crenellated from week 20.

I've seen this one with a variety of names as well...but I thin I like the name that Anne Mitchell is using best...Vertebra.

Week 26

Bubbles is a weave that I found at www.danrek.com.

Week 27

This weave is called Criss-Cross in the Irene From Peterson book, Great Wire Jewelry, but I believe it is just a 6-in-1 version of Jen Pind's Linkage.

Week 28

For week 28 I made a Japanese 6-in-1 necklace. It is very slinky and I think now I can understand why someone might want a bikini top made out of chain maille...but just because I can understand doesn't mean that I would wear one.

Week 29

Pheasible is a weave that I found on the MAIL site. It is a 2-in-2 chain variation and uses the same sized rings as Diamondback.

Week 30

Byzantine Waves is a Byzantine variation, similar to the Olivia chain, by Lisa Claxton . It uses the same size rings as Byzantine. This particular chain is made out of 18 ga jump rings and weighs in at close to 2 troy ounces.

Week 31

The Cross Chain is from Irene From Peterson's Great Wire Jewelry book and is a byznatine variation. It uses the same sized rings and the Byzantine weave.

Week 32

Another Byzantine variation...I'm not sure of it's official name, but I'm calling it Byzantine Medallions. It uses the same sized rings as the Byzantine chain, and is composed of Tripoli units hooked together with Byzantine segments.

Week 33

A change from Byzatine, this is a Japanese weave. If there were a third row, it would be Japanese 12-in-2. I've seen the chain several places, but I like Blue Buddha's name for it the best...Japanese Lace.

Week 34

Another Japanese chain this week...this time Japanese Flower segments are hooked together to form a bracelet.

Week 35

I've been in a crystal mood lately...so for the next couple of weeks I plan on seeing how many weaves I can incorporate crystals into.

This week, it's Turkish Roundmaille with crystals.

Week 36

Continuing with the crystals theme, this is Full Persian 6-in-1 with 4 mm Swarovski crystal bicones.

Week 37

Getting ready for my fall classes with this Japanese 12-in-2 Christmas Tree.

I have some 3 mm Swarovski crystals coming and plan to wire them on like like ornaments when they arrive.

Week 38

Another fall class proposal...a Japanese 12-in-2 snowflake pendant.

Week 39

Yet another Christmas themed piece...this time a pair of European 4-in-1 Christmas Tree earrings.

Like the Christmas Tree in week 37, I plan to add some 3 mm crystals to the piece when they arrive.

Week 40

It took a little longer than I first expected (because I ended up trying multiple sizes of jump rings), but I finally completed the Conundrum weave.

The bracelet pictured is made out of 18 ga 6.0 mm and 18 ga 3.5 mm ID jump rings...but it is a little stiff. Next time I will use 18 ga 4.0 mm rings instead of 18 ga 3.5 mm.

Week 41

This necklace is something I saw on, I believe, The Ring Lord's forum. It is a variation of Celtic Visions, so until I find out it's proper name I am calling it Celtic Knots.

The chain is made out of 18 ga 6.0 mm and 18 ga 4.0 mm ID jump rings.

(Since this was originally posted, I have discovered that the proper name for this weave is Aura, and it is an original design by Sara Reading of Corvus Chainmaille. See more of her fantastic jewelry by visiting http://www.flickr.com/photos/redcrow.)

Week 42

Another weave whose name I am unsure of...but I found it listed as the Step Chain in two separate locations, so "Step" it is for now.

This bracelet is made out of 18 ga 6.0 mm and 18 ga 3.5 mm ID jump rings.

Week 43

This week I made a Byzantine Windows necklace. I am debating whether or not to add crystals between the byzantine segments that match the colors I have in my Byzantine Ladder bracelet, or to use a different color.

Week 44

This is the Double Inifinity chain from Chains by Becky. I did not think the ring sizes she used were sturdy enough for me to wear (I like indestructible bracelets) so I used 16 ga 8.5 mm and 18 ga 3.5 mm jump ring.

Week 45

Another chain from Chains by Becky. This one she calls the Lacey chain, but it is just two "Rhinos Snorting Drano" or "Stairway to Heaven" chains connected together.

16 ga 4.5 mm ID jump rings make it a nice weight bracelet.

Week 46

Yet another chain from Chains by Becky. This one is another "Rhinos Snorting Drano" variation that she calls Double Lace.

Again, preferring heavier chains, I made mine out of 16 ga 6.5 mm ID jump rings.

Week 47

This is a Half Persian 5-in-1 Sheet bracelet that I learned from Spider's Weaving Silver: Chainmail Bracelets - Vol 2 DVD.

It is basically 3 chains of Half Persian 3-in-1 hooked together. With 16 ga 7.0 mm rings it worked up fairly quickly.

Week 48

This is a Viperscale chain made from the directions I found at Lady Lockeout's site. It is a weave that she invented while trying to weave GSG.

I started it a couple times and finally got the hang of it (and figured out that I was placing a one ring in the wrong place) using 16 ga 8.0 mm ID jump rings.



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