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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your tutorial prices so high?

I am a chain maille teacher...I teach at bead stores and shows.

The directions that I offer for sale on my website are the directions that I use in my classes and are offered here as a service for students who cannot make a specific class but still want to learn the weave.

The $10 for the individual tutorials is less than I normally receive as my "teaching fee" for a class if it were being taught by me at a bead store or other venue.

For a list of other web sites offering free chain maille tutorials, please visit the Resources section.


Why do you rename the weaves?

I use the names of the weaves that I found them under when I learned them.

In some cases, later I have discovered that the name I was using is not an accepted or "official" name.  In most cases I change the information on my web site to match the weaves proper or commonly accepted name.

In a few cases, the names of the weaves are not appropriate for advertising as a class at a bead store or show (Bastard), and I do change those, but a note is made of the original name under the weave specifications.

For each weave on my web site I do my best to use the proper name for the weave and to identify the originator of the weave when I can.

If you see information on my web site that you feel is inaccurate, please feel free to contact me.


I tried using the ring sizes that you suggested and they don't work.

The suggested ring sizes that I post on my site are all using AWG wire and metric measurements.  I use those because I live in the United States, so the wire I purchase is based on the AWG gauge, and I got my start with kits from Urban Maille, and they use metric jump ring sizes.

To convert my ring sizes to whatever system you use, all you need to do is use the AR charts that I have posted in the Resources section.

Look up the ring size that I suggest for the weave on the AWG Metric chart.  For this example, let's use my favorite ring size...16 ga 4.5 mm ID which has an AR of approximately 3.5.

To convert the 16 ga 4.5 mm ring size to your particular wire gauge/mandrel measurements, simply open up the appropriate chart and locate 3.5 (or the closest you can get to it) in the chart and it should give you the closest approximation of ring sizes to use.

This same AR number can also be used to upsize or downsize weaves.  For example, I know that Byzantine works perfectly with 16 ga 4.5 mm jump rings...but what if I wanted to make it out of 20 ga wire?  Simply find the closest number to 3.5 on the 20 ga line.

In this case, 20 ga 2.75 mm has an AR of 3.4.  That's a little smaller, so it means that the weave would be slightly tighter than it is using 16 ga wire...but it would still probably work.  20 ga 3.0 mm has an AR of 3.7, so it would probably work, as well, but the weave will be a little looser than it is in 16 gauge wire.


Can I sell pieces of jewelry that I make using your directions?

Yes, of course.


Can I teach a jewelry making class with your directions?

No, not unless each of the students purchase their own copy of the directions from my web site.  The pictures and words in the directions are my original work and therefore fall under my copyright.

What you may do is learn the pattern from my directions and then rewrite them in your own words and teach students from your own, original directions.


When can I expect my order?

If your order is only for patterns, they will be sent to you, in most cases, via e-mail within 24 hours (usually less) or placing your order.

Orders that need to be sent via the US Post Office will be mailed on the Saturday after you order was placed.


I place an order for directions and have not received them.

Check you spam or junk mail filter.  Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have begun blocking e-mails with pdf file attachments.

Also, please verify that you PayPal information is current and correct.  I have received orders in past from closed e-mail accounts and the directions to do not get to the customer.

Finally, e-mail me through the contact page to check on the status of your order if all else fails.  I have been having some problems on my end with my ISP blocking e-mails from Hot Mail, Yahoo!, G-Mail, AOL, and Comcast accounts. 

It's possible that your order got stuck in my spam filter.




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